How Does JMC Property Management Differ

One of the biggest differences between JMC and the competition is that we are operated by a leader with not only life-time exposure to rental properties, but extensive background experience in construction.

How does construction relate to property management?

Rental properties, just like your own home, require periodic maintenance. Moreover, in certain cases, property owners desire to perform renovations or modifications to increase the rental amount, and overall appeal.

For most property owners, whether it be routine maintenance or renovations, it can be quite difficult to orchestrate these things without the required knowledge to make good decisions.

At JMC, you can be assured, whatever your property requirements, you will be guided (free of charge) in the most cost-effective and logical manner, alongside an advocate with your best interest at heart.

But the differences don’t stop there.

JMC is highly in tune on a technical front and has gone to great lengths to ensure the processes for marketing your property, screening tenants, and nurturing relationships is built on top of modern technologies.

A few of our recent advancements include:

  • secure, mobile-friendly tenant applications and client contracts that can be accessed remotely from any where in the world with Internet connectivity
  • a modern, up to date website that provides the most common information landlords are seeking, plus easy access to JMC staff
  • urgent call technicians now have real-time access to tenant and trade information
  • inbound and outbound marketing automation
  • refined standard operating procedures

Ongoing investment in the streamlined operations of JMC Property Management ensures we have time to focus on the needs of the people who matter most, our clients and our tenants.

Other differences we think you will take comfort in:

  • a keen eye and processes to identify professional tenants
  • the absence of hidden fees
  • value-based pricing
  • genuine willingness to answer ALL of your questions
  • regular refreshers in landlord and tenant laws
  • a strong alliance with reliable, competent trades people
  • in the rare case of a serious tenant matter, we have a track record for solving things without the need for costly and stressful legal proceedings

We invite you to reach out and judge for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.

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