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JMC officially launched in 2007 and not long after (2008) we recognized the importance of a web presence. Back then we didn’t have the choices and sophistication available today, but we made the best of what was there and introduced our services online. As time moved forward, we continued to improve the design and content to serve our visitors. In October of 2022, we launched our latest iteration of the JMC website – a modern, mobile-friendly website with native property listings and more.

Website 2009 Blog


Although a rudimentary website compared to today's standards, this mostly-text version built with basic HTML was an exciting feat for JMC.


Although still HTML, we progressed to a more colourful design, a company logo, additional content and a visual step up with more imagery.
Website 2012 Blog
Website 2020 Blog


Keeping in tune with our colours, we took a brave leap forward and transitioned from HTML to WordPress, the beginning of wonderful things.


With a better understanding of WordPress, we again took the website to new heights by redesigning from the ground up. As such, the design and structure of this iteration gives us the ability to implement the features, content and systems we have always wanted to offer to our clients.
Website 2022 Blog
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