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Buying investment property is one of the best investments there is. The mortgage gets paid down by the rent, you gain equity and house prices continually go up. The property pays for itself with a certain amount of investment from the owner and ends up being a very nice nest egg for the future. It all sounds like a great idea and is, except that most people also have a career to look after and don’t have the time to look after tenants. That is where JMC Property Management is the key to making the investment run smooth. We don’t have another career to look after. This is our full time job! With JMC Property Management you will have less vacancy, less headache less stress and will end up with a better class of tenants through our screening process.


Property Management

We take managing your property very serious. We take our time interviewing and screening potential tenants and strive for the best suitable tenant. We have also put in place, several incentives to keep tenants punctual and responsible. Renting property is not a perfect science but being diligent in the methods used, along with experience and genuinely trying to do the best job possible can go a long way to making it a successful experience for all. Our fees are based on the standard in the industry and are set to be competitive but at the same time giving the incentive and ability to do the job properly.

some paperwork concerning tenancy agreement with key

Points Of Service

  • Meet with you and assess your property (free of charge)
  • Explain our services to you in detail
  • Offer suggestions to rent faster and get maximum rent
  • Take photos and do a complimentary write up listing all assets
  • Market your rental property in a manner to attract the best of tenants
  • Show property and interview potential tenants
  • Tenant screening, credit check and tenant verification
  • Negotiate rental leases and edit to suit your property
  • Collect first and last months rent by secure means
  • Ensure that tenants have renters insurance, and utilities are in tenants name before issuing keys
  • Collect rent and forward by direct deposit
  • Issue itemized invoices for your records
  • Respond to tenant requests and deal with problem tenants
  • Keep detailed files on tenants for commending good behavior or for evictions
  • Issue notices as in, rental increases, warnings, evictions, etc.
  • Organize and oversee maintenance
  • Consulting and recommendations
  • Dedicated after hours urgent call line¬†
  • Competitive rates
some paperwork concerning tenancy agreement with key

Give JMC a call and let a lifetime of experience work for you!

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