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JMC Property Management has been taking care of us as tenants for over 2 years. They have been kind, courteous and timely if and when any issues have arisen. We have been very fortunate to have them and would recommend them to anyone looking to rent. You’ll be in good hands. They are a five star company, hands down.

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I wish John would allow me to write a 3-page long testimonial because that is how great a property manager he has been! Before working with JMC, our rental property was in an awful state and barely habitable; note that this is not an exaggeration.

It was very stressful and expensive to manage a property, especially when I lived in a different city. Lucky for me, John took over the unit in 2019 and managed to turn it around in less than 2 months! In the past few years, John has proven to me time and time again that he is reliable and professional and would always go the extra mile to make sure we receive the best services possible. I would highly recommend JMC to any property owner looking for a hands-off experience; John is a pro who always has your best interest at heart!

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John has been the property manager looking after our rental property in Guelph for almost a decade. We lived outside of Guelph, so needed a reliable, dependable, honest property manager to look after the place and the tenants’ needs. John has been exceptional in the services he provided. He was tough when needed and compassionate when required. He promptly dealt with service needs and also made sure the tenant looked after the place and paid their dues in time. I have no hesitation in recommending John to look after properties especially for owners in absentia.

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It has been an absolute pleasure to work with John and JMC Property Management. We used JMC for over 3 years and were extremely satisfied. He is very knowledgeable in all aspects of renting a home, knowing many details that we would have never known about without the help of an experienced property manager.

John was always easy to get a hold of and prompt with his responses. In 3 years, we had 2 tenants and our home was rented out very quickly each time. He worked hard to find us quality tenants that took care of our home (we moved out of our property for work purposes and we now need to move back). We would recommend John and JMC Property Management to anyone looking to become landlord!

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I wish I had written this note earlier. This is a note of our wonderful experience with JMC Property Management. My family and I traveled to China to live and work for 2 years. We were worried about how to keep our house, maintain it, even rent it out, then come back to it when our 2 year contract was over.

Enter John of JMC Property Management, he put our worries to rest. He didn’t make it easy on us though, we had to conform to some strict guide lines about sprucing the place up, but it made sense and we did it and it worked. He was very thorough on our end with contracts and such and on his end the showing of potential tenants for our house. We didn’t get a chance to see who rented our place because we had to leave, and just trust JMC would represent us well from the other side of the world. And he did. He even contacted us to check to see if we would have a problem if the family who would like to rent our place could have a cat. And we said okay…. very thorough.

From our old appliances needing repairs or replacement, to the always on time rent deposits into our account, even to the occasional “How are ya”? letter from Canada to let us know we’re being taken care of… I have to say it was all worth it and we will do it all again if we head back to the Middle Kingdom.

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I first contacted John McMullen of JMC Property Management in 2012 when I was preparing my business plan to purchase my first investment property in Guelph. John generously provided me with valuable information regarding Guelph market even before I formally engaged his services.

His professionalism convinced me to contact John when I purchased my property. Since then, his very knowledgeable advice and assistance has allowed me to keep my house rented at market prices. John provides me with feedback on repairs and maintenance to upkeep the house. His thorough tenant search and credit checks have paid off to have a worry-free investment.

His advice on Landlord-Tenant relationship has always been valuable and pertinent. He spends all the needed time to explain and discuss issues with me as well as keep me up to date with changes in by-laws that may affect my property. I have no hesitation in recommending John McMullen and his company for property management services as I am sure that you will join me as yet another satisfied customer.

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John (from JMC) has been managing our two condos since 2008 and we have been extremely happy and satisfied with services he has provided and in keeping these condos continuously rented throughout these years. The condos were rented since day one. John did a great job managing these properties and tenants were really happy with his services. I am extremely satisfied with JMC and have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone looking for property management services in Guelph.

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In 2009, I made the decision to hire John McMullen of JMC Property Management as my property manager. He found tenants in a timely manner, ensuring my property had no period of vacancy. From the beginning, John has been honest, knowledgeable, efficient, reliable and professional.

John works as much for the property owners as the tenants; you can be assured that should an issue arise John will advise you immediately. John consistently gives impartial and sound advice regarding maintenance and administration of your property. Additionally, he is very quick to reply to emails. I not only live out of the area, but am a soldier in the Canadian Forces and spend a considerable amount of time away from home. Thanks to John, I can leave home assured that my property and tenants will be taken care of. I am very pleased to be working with John and his company.

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I first started using JMC Property Management in 2009. I have a duplex in Guelph since 2001 (rented from 2002) and had been managing it myself until we had 2 babies arrive and my time became very limited. JMC runs a good operation. They are very focused and very dedicated.

They encourage open communication and are never in a rush off the phone. They are very experienced and have great contacts in case of repairs, etc. They are very respectful of tenants and a good ambassador for you. They do expect you to bring your property to a high state of preparedness before they will list it. However, this shows they have pride in what they are willing to be associated with.

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JMC Property Management has been managing my properties since 2008 and I couldn’t be happier. I have three houses and two six-plexes. There has been a dramatic increase in rental income due to keeping all the units rented. Any problems are addressed and resolved quickly. My increase in income makes the management fees well worth it and I don’t have the aggravation anymore. I can relax, knowing I’m in good hands.

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I have been using JMC Property Management since 2008 to manage a 4-plex. I went in search of a property management company as I was too lenient when tenants came to me with reasons for late rent, etc. Situations with tenants snowballed on a couple of occasions.

Occasions where they got too far behind and could never catch up and I was the one left short-changed. JMC has been very diligent on staying on top of tenants for monthly rent and if for some reason they are ever late, he immediately imposes appropriate legal notices and late payment charges. These are things that I did very poorly and suffered because of it.

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John managed our property for over two years after my wife and I moved to Calgary, Alberta. John is very knowledgeable about the rental housing market in Guelph and the tenant/landlord laws. He is an effective communicator and we always felt as if we knew what was happening with our townhouse. If there was work to be done, he took care of it for us. We didn’t have to worry about our townhouse while we were three provinces away which gave us peace of mind. We had a very good experience working with John.

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Being in real estate, I fully understand the importance of competent property management, landlords and tenants needs. I have had many years of business dealings with the owner of JMC Property Management and highly recommend this service to any property owner. If you are looking for efficient and lucrative handling of your property, from a single property to multiple units, I am confident you will be more than pleased with there professional service.

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I have known and worked with John for many years and have found him to be knowledgeable, trustworthy and professional in all our business dealings. I would not hesitate to use his services and recommend him to others seeking assistance in property management and landlord & tenant matters.

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I have been dealing with JMC Property Management since February 2011 and am very satisfied with how John is looking after my rental townhouse. I am very happy how he was able to deal with my previous tenant who did not pay the rent on time. Also, John found a new tenant right away so I did not lose any income. He is handling my property very well. I would recommend JMC Property Management to other landlords who are seeking help in property management. Thank you, John.

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As a renter, I’d like to know where I could find properties you manage, sounds like your company goes by the unwritten book of rental ethics which seems to be very hard to find lately. Basically, what I mean is, although your ad was intended to grab property owner’s attention, it grabbed mine-the renter. Because everything you say you do is everything I look for in a landlord, which is hard to find. Too many slumlords out there, so do you have a website set up that shows vacancies in the properties you manage?

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I have rented different properties from JMC over the past 6 years. I have had nothing but friendly and professional service with this company. Any issues that have come up with the rental units have been brought to the attention of JMC and been resolved with fast / hassle free repairs. I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking to rent or have their properties managed.